The Failed Botanist, Me

Operators Are Standing By(film scan)

T-Town In Reverse

A Sign: film scan


Like the other photo I posted this week, this image is from a batch of recently processed rolls. It was snowing that day. Can’t wait to get the negatives back to see which film and ISO I was using!

Ten Times Ninety:My Gramma’s Hands


It took a lot to talk my Gramma into this photo of her hands, open, not folded neatly on top of one another, hiding themselves. I told her they were amazing just as they are.

Medium Format Magic!

PSEdselScanFinally got some rolls of film processed. The image above dates from a roll I shot in March or April. I recall that it was one of the first truly warm Spring days, and that I had my Fujica GW690 walking around at lunch. What a great surprise to see this frame eight months later!



What To Love This Holiday Season: Beauty, Wherever One Finds It


Bespoke: My new favorite thing from The Leather Satchel Co.

Neither Do They Spin